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>Sector Twelve

Sector 12 is a new bar and nightclub located in Melbourne city, aiming to provide an out of this world experience. With a mysterious theme based out of abstraction and colour, the realm of Sector Twelve is overwhelming. For those who hate tacky themed places, fear not. For Sector 12 is of a different breed. It is slick, contemporary, dark and seductive. With a range of drinks and food items, the appetite of even the most discerning social connoisseur will be quenched. The identity itself stems from a 3D rendered image created in Cinema 4D. The range of abstract shapes that were created cater well to a fairly rigid frame, which is done with the typography. Aside from the logotype lock-up, most of the elements are quite fluid, allowing for change or substitution depending on what the designer feels is most appropriate for the context.