Laurena Letico

The word perla translates to pearl in Italian. It is said by the Italian people that pearls have the ability to possess wealth, luck, as well as offer protection. However, many believe that the wearer of the pearl symbolise their purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty. Perla is a natural skin care brand that aims to embody and emphasise these traits throughout the product offerings and the vision for the brand. These natural skin care products are all plant based, vegan friendly, naturally derived and contains no alcohol in the ingredients. The support and use of these organic and natural ingredients promotes the sourcing of ingredients and manufacturing processes in a sustainable manner, biodegradable packaging and protection of wildlife and the environment. Pearls are also said to symbolise wisdom acquired through experience. Which is exactly how Perla has created pioneering skincare with therapeutic ingredient combinations with over 10 years experience in the beauty industry. Cold processed, nutrient dense formulations deliver maximum potency and instant impact for youthful, healthy skin. The essence of Perla is powered by nature and proven by science.