Jingwen Yan

Missha is a make up company. The brand aimed on 19 to 30 years teenage girls and white collar worker. The main color in my design is yellow, blue, pink and purple. I want my design looks playful,energetic, dynamic,movement and colorful because i think the customer between age 19 to 26 will like pretty,colorful outlook. Also, i create a series of product that include eyeshadow palette, lipstic, wrapping paper and so on. What is more, make up always has varity different choice in the market, therefore Missha should provided more choice than the other brand, then the customer will more addict on it and there are more choice for them.Moreover, i design the logo for my make up was used the bodoni typeface because it was an elegent typeface and the stroke was thick and thin which make a big contrast for the viewer and was a unique typeface, therefore it also can represent simple and clean to my brand.